Saturday, October 31, 2009

BoBo The Ham and Daisy Dog


This year we have a little clown, sometimes sad and sometimes hyper, and his little flower. Kevin jokes and says that every time someone tries to pet Abbie tonight, we should squirt them with water...

I'm thinking about it.

Anywhoo! So here are my munchkins and Noah can hardly WAIT for our ward Trunk Or Trunk tonight. Buzz lightyear bucket is at the back door, poised for action. We're taking him to this really cool neighborhood after that for some good old fashioned Trick Or Treating with his two friends, Abbey and Maddie. It should be great fun since THIS YEAR Noah knows what he's doing from the start... AND he won't just sign "Thank You" and run with the candy. He'll probably stay and talk their ears off about just how completely awesome Buzz Lightyear is... But can you blame him?

BTW... Sorry about the whole clown thing, Uncle Bubba. Hope this doesn't traumatize you so that you can't consume mass quantities of individually wrapped Halloween goodness!

Oh, how she hates when I put her in costumes. But then she totally works the camera! Funny girl. This one's for you, Aunt Jeanne!

Noah had fun with pictures this year... His inner clown came out:

Happy Haunting, Everyone!!!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's a Texture Thing!

Noah painted his pumpkin for our FHE activity last Monday. Daddy helped him paint his name and smiley face, and I helped him paint a heart and a bat (per his request...). His masterpiece turned out just the way a pumpkin painted by a 2 year old should! Besides, I was hoping that the paint would help him get over the whole "texture issue" with his hands and fingers. It took a LOT for Noah to put his hands into his sandbox this summer (Way to coax, Gram!) and on his first birthday, he wouldn't go near the cake because of the frosting. But once he TASTED it... he wanted to be fed with a fork. What can you do?

When the pumpkin was sufficiently coated, Kevin and I convinced him to ditch the brushes and use his fingers and hands. He had a BLAST, and asked to paint again a few days later. That's my Monet...

I'll send a king-sized candy bar to ANYONE who can interpret exactly what Noah describes in this video about his visit to the pumpkin farm.... Really. I'm not kidding. I mean, I KNOW what he says, but I wanted to make this interesting! Enjoy...

2 days until costume reveal!!!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Farm Fun

Last Saturday we visited the favorite local pumpkin farm, Roca Berry Farm, and had a full day fun! Our friend Brenda and her girls joined us and it was so funny to see the kids react to the animals and festivities. When we took Noah last year, he wasn't quite 20 months old. This year he enjoyed everything so much more and even tried a lot of the rides. AND.... He rode a pony, didn't cry at ALL, and actually enjoyed it!!! See pictures and video below.

The Whole Gang!

The Ladies' Man

We took an Enchanted Hayride out to the pumpkin patch, where we picked out a beauty! Noah ended up picking out his little one back at the barn. There were hundreds of pumpkins in all varieties all over.

This is one of my favorite pictures... A tender moment between Noah and Kevin.

Just like last year, Noah had fun playing on the life-sized version of CandyLand. Kevin likes this pictures because it looks like Noah broke the sign! It was like that when we got there, I swear!

Playin' in the hay!

Um... This is "Alice in Wonderland" with a 5 o' clock shadow:

Farm animals!!!

Um... Hugging a lamb...

Thank goodness for hand sanitizer!!!

Noah LOVED the ponies. The lady in charge of the rides called Noah the "Little Cowboy" since he was the only boy that round. He would have made you proud, Uncle Jake!!!

Now we just have to CARVE that big, beautiful pumpkin... To be continued!!!