Sunday, September 27, 2009


I'm afraid to say it out loud... But it's true. My little boy has given up NAPS.


He hasn't taken regular naps for over six months now, and I'm SO envious when I hear my friends talk about how their preschooler comes home from preschool and goes right into a nap. What would I do with myself???? In their defense, they all have at least one other munchkin to occupy their "free time." But still. Noah still NEEDS to nap, but he just chooses not to do it. I still insist that he has Quiet Time in his room. But that usually leads to total room destruction and/or baby powder incidents. He is such a different boy when he does partake of napping goodness, and I'm happy to let him stay up a little later because I know that he's rested. Without a nap, it's meltdown time around 5:00pm and I struggle to get him to eat dinner and get ready for bed. Oh well! I knew he wouldn't stay a baby forever.

When Kev comes in the door after work, he usually is attacked at the back door by Noah and Abbie. I think he looks forward to it! But one day as he came in the door, there was no ruckus, no stampede, and no delightful greeting for Daddy. I immediately left dinner prep to see where little boy was and we found him like this:

He'd finally given up! Another night, while I was again making dinner (there's a pattern here!), I looked over to the computer where Noah and Kev relax for a little bit when he comes home, and I saw THIS:

Oh scheduled naps... How we miss you! More importantly, how I miss MY quiet time while he sleeps! There goes my work-out and scrapbooking time... :) Maybe next year during preschool.

Here's one more picture of when Noah fell asleep at dinner time. At first I thought he was faking because it was Curry night, but then I saw the drool. We checked for vitals and then put him to bed. (He woke up two hours later just as WE were headed to bed... He felt much better after his nap...)


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Um... They tell me that no tornadoes touched down in Lincoln city limits this season.

I respectfully beg to DIFFER. :)

Don't worry. Cookie Monster made a full recovery...

Trying to find the floor to vacuum,


Friday, September 18, 2009

Biker Dude

Ah, the last days of summer... This particular summer has flown by. I can't believe that it's mid-September already!

Noah has LOVED his little bike these last few months. He still can't quite reach the pedals, but I have no doubt that he will master it soon. Just give him a few more months of growth. :) But he loves to ride down the little hills in our common area by our home. He perfected it while Gram was visiting this summer. Enjoy the videos!

I SOOOO wish that Abbie had a yard where she could lie in the sun all day long. For now she'll have to make due with our daily one-hour outdoor adventures before quiet time.

Gram and Noah!

"Come give me a hug, Abbie..."

"Oh, and a kiss... DENIED!!!"

Mommy and Little Dude @>->--

Biker Dude:

The Other Hill:

One More Time!

Little Talker:

I'll leave you with one last picture... This is Noah's favorite position right now. In bed, on the floor, in the grass, on the couch, or wherever. He'll jump, fall, roll, or plop down and then stick his feet in the air. I think he's going to teach Pilates someday. Hey, a mom can hope, right?

Biker Dude's Mom


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Alphabet Cookies


26 Whole alphabet letters (and the occasional number...)

2 Heaping cups of giggles

1/2 tsp Sweetness

3 Tbs Creativity

1 cube Butter (...don't ask.)

1 Favorite red cowboy hat

Peel letters off of standard refrigerator and place on cookie sheet. Add all other ingredients and stir. Flip frequently, but only while using a hot pad. Serve immediately... or later... or whenever. Please do NOT bake. No matter how much he insists on it. :)



Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Special Lady

Kevin and I have learned the power of prayer and fasting through our experience with infertility and especially through our adoption journey with Noah. Sometimes I literally felt like I was down on my hands and knees trying to run a marathon. And Kevin and I both know that there is strength and love in the prayers of the faithful coming together. We felt the love of our family and friends as they prayed and fasted WITH us, and then as they continued to pray FOR us when I just couldn't anymore. I know that angels were surrounding us and our baby boy because of your love and support.

There is a very special lady who needs all prayers right now. My grandmother became very sick a few weeks ago and has endured the ICU, blood infections, and now her hands and feet may not recover from lack of circulation. I wish that Kevin, Noah, and I could go see her in Utah and give her our love in person. But for now, we can only send our love and prayers... And crayon drawings. :) If you feel that you can, please join us in praying for "Grandma Stephie"... Who means so much to all of us.

Stay strong, Grandma. @>->--

Thank you...