Friday, June 7, 2013


I love that my children have very tender relationships with their great-grandparents.  How amazing that they even know them!  The last of my great-grandparents passed away the year that I was born, so I have no memories or connections with them other than that I can't WAIT to meet them after this life and to know them as family and as a part of who I am.  As the oldest, Noah has been able to know and love 6 of his great-grandparents.  Lucky LUCKY boy.

We spent this Memorial Day weekend catching up with Grandma and Grandpa Stephie in Logan, UT.  I LOVE everything about their home and am constantly flooded with childhood memories whenever I visit.  I smile when I observe Noah and his little cousins exploring all the closets and secret rooms and finding the old  toys that we all used to play with when we were that age.  It's a truly beautiful place.  With two of my absolute FAVORITE people inside. :)

And I L-O-V-E seeing Xiomara with Grandma Stephie.

Xio is named after my Grandma and is so very much like her.  See HERE for more info on that. :)

Now that my Xio is toddling around and her personality is coming out in bucketfuls, I can't believe just how very alike she and Grandma Stephie are... TRULY.  Even in the color of their hair.

So I can't WAIT for you all to be the judge.  Here are some pictures that I love to compare, especially now that all three of us are about the same age in these photos.  Xio definitely has SMITH in her.  But I think she's a Stephenson girl, down to the dimple and feistyness.

What do YOU think?

Grandma Stephie - About 2 years old:

(Seen here with my great uncle, LaVon)

Me (Nicole...) - 2 years old:

Xiomara Marian - 20 Months old

Love my little redhead... and the very special lady for whom she's named.  :)