Wednesday, July 13, 2011

BLUE and PINK!!!!

We found out a little early!!!!! I went to my doctor's appointment last Tuesday, and since my Mom was in town she came with me. So fun to have her there! I wanted her to meet my super awesome amazing doctor before all the craziness happens in a few months. :) When my doctor looked for the heartbeats with the doppler, for some reason she couldn't find Baby B. K, I'm paranoid ANYWAY at this point because I'm not sure if I've felt them move or not and I wonder every second just how they are doing and if they are OK. But she wasn't concerned and sent us down to ultrasound just to check on the babies. SOOOOO..... I asked if, since they were taking a look ANYWAY.... could we find out the genders? Of course! The only problem was that I wanted Kevin to be there or to find out right when I did. So the ultrasound tech told me when to look away from the screen and she printed some pictures that told us the WHOLE story (if you know what I'm sayin'....) and sealed them in an envelope for us. My MOM, however, was grinning from ear to ear because she watched the whole thing and I'm so glad. :) She's never been to one of her grandbaby's ultrasounds before and it was really special. The whole ride home she held the envelope. And Kevin, Noes, and I opened it the second we got home.

Baby A is a BOY and Baby B is a GIRL!!!!!! So if you guessed one of each, you were absolutely right. Well done! The poll is closed... It was a lot of fun to see what you all thought. And I love that more than one of you (including Dad Smith) voted for the "puppies wagging their tails." Awesome.

Here's the proof!

Little Brother:

Little Sister:

I was so hoping that I would get to use Noah's baby things again since they are so special. And we get to buy a little pink, too. So happy. :)

Here's the crazy thing... Noah was absolutely right on! He always insisted that Baby A was a boy and Baby B he wasn't quite sure. He was right. Just knew somehow.

Sorry that we're sharing this news a week later. What I HAVEN'T told you is that we bought a house, have been moving in this last week, and just now got our computer up and running. That's why Kev wasn't with me at the doctor's appointment. He and my dad were supervising the movers at the same time that morning. It was crazy. But I promise that I will post some pictures of the house soon... AND my belly.... Stop yelling at me, Poppets! Just as soon as I can find my camera. :)

I'm 19 weeks on Friday... Half way there!

Love to all,
Someone who's finding it very difficult to paint her toenails these days