Tuesday, February 26, 2013

S - I - X

It's official... I have a 6 year old!!!  

That is SO completely crazy just typing that thought.

But it's true.  My first born has now entered the zone of being closer to 10 than he is to being a baby. Wow.

So we had to make this year a memorable one for sure.  Noah had his very first sleepover on his birthday with his best friend, Ryan.  It was action-packed, hamburger grillin', cake devourin', presents revealin', pirate tent sleepin', chocolate chip pancake cookin', Indiana Jones costume wearin' FUN.

Here's the dude:

Noah loading up the "mine cart" like in the Temple of Doom.  I guess that would make Xiomara the crazy blond singer Willie and Liam would be Short Round...

Even though he's on an Indiana Jones kick right now, Noah requested a Star Wars the Clone Wars birthday party.  I was a little surprised, but OK!  Little black "death stars" adorned the ceiling (and later his bedroom!).  The heavenly tablecloth was a big hit...

Here are the buds:

Dinner is served!  Noah requested his daddy's awesome hamburgers and fries.

Present time!


This is when the boys shouted out their requests for their first piece of cake.  Noah HAD to have Anakin... from right in the middle.  Kevin did some pretty fancy cake image navigation. :)

I'm a little surprised that the boys actually slept that night.  They relocated a few times and eventually ended up in Noah's bedroom.  Good enough!  Most of the relocation was due to some talk about a spider in the basement.  :)

Every good sleepover ends with an awesome breakfast.  Especially when it's Saturday morning at the Smith house.  Chocolate chip pancakes and sausage links...

The boys had a blast, the parents survived, the babies pretty much slept through the whole experience... And so did Abbie Mae.

Happy Birthday, Little Man!

We sure love you.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

L - O - V - E

Yes, LOVE is in the air today...

... I'm so in LOVE these days.

... So much so that I think I just might have to LOVE on my 3 little cupids all day.

... And Kevin, too!



Kisses and Hugs!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Apples and Peaches


My munchkins LOOOOOOOVE to eat.  And they actually will eat FRUIT... something that I could NEVER get Noah to do.  Oh, he would eat bananas and applesauce.  But never an actual apple slice.  It's okay though.  He's still growing strong and I'm having a lot more luck with his food choices now that he's getting older (phew!).  Liam and Xio can't get enough of whatever I put in front of them and it makes me so happy.  At least until they decide that they've eaten enough of the deliciousness in front of them...

And they throw it to the dog.

Awesome. :)


K, well blogger is not letting me upload the amazingly adorable videos that go with this short but SWEET post.  So I'm going to post them to Facebook.  Hey, if we're not friends there, we should really fix that!

Have a fruity day,