Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's Official!

We received some awesome news this week. As of July 16th, we are officially approved for adoption again! Our family profile is now online and ready to be viewed. You can find it here:

Kevin and Nicole

Like I said in an earlier blog (right HERE), it's been a very different experience the second time around. We loved writing about Noah and what he's brought to us and our families. :) We'll see what happens. :) No matter what, we'll keep you posted!

If you want to see the new LDS Family Services website and look at other profiles, you can go HERE and enter as a guest. There are some amazing families waiting for little ones, that's for sure. If you all know of someone who might be considering adoption, feel free to send them to our website or our blog.

Thanks for being there with us! We love you all...

Be Good!

Noah's Mommy

Friday, July 24, 2009

And now for the rest of July...

You can't tell from the picture, but rest assured, this spider web is HUGE. It's outside our back door and even though it's usually broken down by the end of the day, in the morning it's always back. That's one industrious spider.

It's been pretty busy around here lately so we haven't been on top of the blog as much as we'd like. First off, we have a ward garden. A few families are assigned on each Wednesday evening and Saturday to water, weed, and harvest. A couple weeks ago, the young men and women were assigned and I think we made a pretty good haul, even though the cantaloupe and watermelon weren't ready. This amount seems to be pretty standard for each trip, so we have about double the amount pictured to hand out on Sunday. There has been a lot of production from that little garden so far! I don't know why I'm talking about this other than it's interesting and, dare I say, awesome :) Nicole is a zucchini bread pro, though we have been experimenting with a lot more than bread.

The other day I noticed that Noah was quiet. Never a good sign. So I went looking and found that he had crawled up on his change table and proceeded to powder his nose. Not a euphemism. And he didn't stop at his nose.

But how can you be mad when he smiles at you like that? He can get away with anything. I guess we'll have to teach him to only use his powers for good ;)

Now this might be random, but I made the best onion rings ever awhile back. They were amazing! For father's day Nicole bought me a cast iron griddle and Bobby Flay's book, "Burgers, Fries & Shakes." There's all kinds of great stuff in there, including these buttermilk onion rings. (Nicole has gotten in the habit of buying buttermilk lately because she knows I'll always find something to do with it - including pancakes, cinnamon rolls, and onion rings apparently.) I could go on and on about all the things I want to try in here. I'm definitely looking forward to the lemon meringue pie milkshake though :) Also I have to say that the onion ring sauce you see is wonderful!

Now I'm hungry.

To close things out I promised my Mom I would post a video of fireflies taken just outside our home. The video quality isn't the best and it's kind of small but there are a good number of them in this video if you watch carefully. Enjoy!


Friday, July 10, 2009

Mr. Independent

Happy fabulous 4th of July!!! Last weekend... Anyway! We had a great 4th of July here in 'Braska. Now that we live in a place where fireworks are not illegal, I was amazed at the mania. I personally wanted to introduce Noah to sparklers, a favorite of mine from when I was little. How many of us have spelled our name with gold, blue, green, and red sparkles just when it turned dark and we were waiting for the big show to start??? Good times. :) Oh! And there were Starburst and Twizzlers candies involved...

So I braved a few of the THOUSANDS of fireworks stands that emerged over night on every corner of this great city. Usually right across the street from each other. Talk about competition! I went to a few because all I could find were gold sparklers and I really wanted Noah to see different colors. Finally I found some blue and green as well. But I am telling you... I have NEVER seen fireworks purchases like I beheld in those little tents. People were walking out with rockets taller than Noah. The guys in front of me at one stand bought over $300.00 worth of fireworks and said that they were cutting back this year. I just smiled and nodded. Then I paid for my $1.25 sparklers and walked sheepishly to my car.

This July 4th was also special because we got to spend it with Jillian. She came out for the weekend, just in time to help us with the sparklers! After the first two sparklers, Noah decided that it was more fun to go look for bunny rabbits in the yard. I'm a little grateful that he wasn't a pyromaniac at this stage, but now I have lots of left-over sparklers for next time. How do you store those anyway?

Notice all the SMOKE behind us? Yeah, the whole city was like that for awhile. Every neighborhood had their own fireworks display, usually out of someone's front yard. Next year Noah will have more fun with it.... I think. :)

Boom.... Pop!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Mr. Cookie Dough Giggler!!!

What can I say? There are very few things in life that are as great as a big heaping spoonful of cookie dough goodness... I love the chocolate chip teeth! I'm glad that Noah enjoys the finer things in life.

4th of July pictures coming soon!

Munchin' on a cookie,