Monday, March 28, 2011

WARNING: The following is VERY disturbing...

It's just horrible... My eyes.... I CAN'T... STOP.... WATCHING!!!!!!

.... Enjoy.

BTW - I found this from a friend of a friend's blog. I'm not personally seeking out Richard Simmons. :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Famous last words

Noah has REALLY enjoyed being here in Utah with *almost* all of his cousins. Because of his interactions with his boy cousins in particular, he has absolutely fallen in LOVE with superheroes like Superman, Batman, and of course your friendly neighborhood Spiderman! Coincidentally, I had secretly purchased a Spiderman costume on clearance right after Halloween last Fall. I planned on giving it to Noah when the time was right. So when Kevin flew out here to join us last week, I asked if he could bring the costume with him. That would make three total Spiderman costumes in this house and it has made for some great times. :)

Yesterday Noah's little cousin Ben was having a hard day as far as "making it to the potty in time" goes... Consequently, Ben's morning jammies AND his Spiderman get-up ended up in the washing machine. He was a little down. Noah jumped in and offered to share his costume. So sweet. But of course, it came with a caveat....

Noah: "Hey Ben! It's oh-tay. You can wear MY Spiderman costume if you want."

Ben: "K! Tanks, No-ah...."

Noah: "You're welcome...... (helping Ben put it on)... Just don't go pee in it."

Ben: "K."

I'd like to say that this ended well. But three hours later, Noah's ended up in the washing machine with the others. It's "o-tay." It happens!

Good times!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Angry Birds...

Okay... All you ANGRY BIRDS fans out there. A friend told me about this little treasure. Don't know if you caught it on Conan.

But enjoy... truly!

Someone who has NEVER actually PLAYED Angry Birds... I'm afraid of being sucked in. Someday. :)


Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So sorry for the lack of blogging of late. Noah, Abbie, and I are vacaying in Utah for the next few weeks!!! Yes, Kevin is home by himself... With a fridge full of food, a pantry full of junk food, a bin full of baking potatoes, and a 55" LCD sah-WEET television all to himself during March Madness..... Right? We miss each other, but we will be back together again soon. :)

Anywhoo! Noah and I are enjoying the wonderful hospitality of my brother and his beautiful family here in Springville. And as we take the scenic little drive up to the freeway to run errands, we say hello to all the sheep, horses, and cows along the way. Today, I started singing the barnyard song that Phoebe sings to a group of little children on friends. Not sure what I'm talking about? Well, let me help you:

Makes me smile every time. So we're driving by the cows today and I just sing "the cow in the meadow goes MOO" a few times and stop. My little boy in the back seat asks me how the rest of the song goes. I guess I've never sung it to him. Ah... all the firsts.... I decided to preface the song with a little explanation. It turned into quite a hilarious "Ah-ha!" moment.

Noah: "Hey Mommy, how does that song end?"

Me: "Well, you know how all meat and hamburger that we eat comes from cows, right?"

Long pause.... I look at him in the rear view mirror.

Noah (very wide-eyed): "..... WHAT??????!!!!!????"

Yeah, guess I dropped the ball on that one. Should have told him sooner. Ah, the firsts.... Don't worry. I finished the song for him and he got a good laugh out of it. AND he still ate most of his burger at lunchtime.