Monday, November 24, 2008

One more Smith... sort of.

Hey Everyone!!!

Well, it's been about a month since my last blog. I apologize for not posting Halloween pictures yet...It just didn't happen before we left to come to Oregon for Thanksgiving...BUT I won't just skip them, I promise! I will post them when we return in about a week.

And we didn't just come home for Thanksgiving. It was more of an afterthought when Kevin's sister, Heather, announced that she and Jason were getting married in November. She was kind enough to choose a wedding date that would allow us all to come home for the wedding and then be able to stay for the holiday... Thanks, Heather!!!! So Jason and Heather were married in the Medford Oregon LDS temple on Saturday, November 22. It was so perfect and so beautiful. It's always fun to see the last piece of a family puzzle (Um... That's you, Jason!) come together and then we're complete. Heather was such a radiant bride and I think Jason was just happy to be standing next to her holding her hand. That's what it's all about really. :) One of my favorite moments was when Heather was getting pictures taken with different sibling groups and Jason started doing the robot in front of the temple fountain... Good times, good times. Welcome to the family, Jason!!!

I don't want to steal the bride's thunder and post her wedding portraits on my blog before she can post them on hers, but I do want to share some family moments with everyone. Enjoy!

Noah finally got to meet his Smith cousins, Hayley Jade and Tia Grace:

Grandpa Smith, Kevin and Noah:

The whole Famdamily... Clay and Brittany were there with us in spirit. :)

The Beautiful Bride and Big Brother:

Hayley Bop and Uncle Kevin:

Running at the reception:

Noah, Gram Stephenson and Uncle Jake:

The Smith Boys and their wives! I guess Christina and I were puzzle pieces, too... :)

We decorated Jason and Heather's car with ribbons before they left the reception. We couldn't really find anything to write on the car windows, so this had to do. Oh well!

We're looking forward to Turkey Day on Thursday and we'll post more when we return to grand ol' Nebraska. Have a very THANKFUL week, everyone! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mom (and Jackie)!!!