Monday, March 12, 2012

Just a few...

K, here are some videos that I HAVE to share before another day passes by... You'll see what I mean. If you could have the babies in front of you this minute, you would understand just how amazing these videos are to me. Looking at the munchkins now, you would NEVER think that they were 3 pounds when they were born. But in these videos they are about 5 and 6 pounds and are around 36 weeks gestation, although they had been home for about a week or so. :) So incredible. I have so many more to share, and I will I promise. But here's a taste for now! Enjoy.

This is why we started calling her Noisy Cricket. Her little squeaks and grunts made the NICU nurses laugh... and made my mom, Kevin, and I just coo over her.

Together at last... spending the day in bed with Mommy.

Home at last with Big Brother. We'd been home for about 10 minutes in this video.

I just want to thank everyone for your patience with me. I know that I have the greatest excuse EVER for not updating with pictures, stories, and details the way that I used to. But it still frustrates me when I realize just how little I've been able to share so far. Sometimes it takes me a month to reply to an email.... Sorry. :) I love you all nonetheless and I promise that I will get it together soon. Maybe when the babes start sleeping through the night and holding their own bottles! But let's not rush anything, K?


Enjoying every single minute of every day