Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today is an okay day. I mean that sincerely! It's okay because, even though I'm struggling again with my emotions about "The Next Baby...," I am overwhelmed by my blessings. So that tips the scale really. :) This doesn't mean that I should just ignore the sadness, but rather find productive ways to vent it or channel it so that it releases from me for awhile longer. I find that a good success story helps or a powerful song. I had the opportunity to visit and read over an AMAZING blog from a couple that are also struggling to have children and she posted this video. I just have to do the same! I like it because the words do ring true and it also reminds me that infertility has many MANY faces...

"I Would Die For That"
Kellie Coffey

Not really sure how to sign off on this one! Except that my day just got a little better... Noah just woke up from his nap and is singing to himself upstairs. Funniest little boy. :)


Friday, April 17, 2009

It's the "Egg"-perience that counts!... he he he....Sorry.

This was the first Easter that we've colored eggs with Noah. Well, actually I colored them while he played with his Gram and Grandpa. :) But he got to hunt for them with his little friends! It was so cute. I think it took a minute for him to catch on to the idea of looking for the eggs in the grass and up in the trees, while his friends Cori and Leah are old pros. Baby Eric was content to sit and watch. We will definitely do this again next year!

It was really fun to my parents here for Easter. We've really missed our parents since we left Oregon almost 9 months ago, and I'm glad that Gram was there to help with the hunt, and Noah couldn't WAIT to run to Grandpa and show him what he'd found. :)

Putting all his eggs in one basket... Someone should really talk to this kid!

The Party Posse... (For you Simpson's fans, that was for YOU!)

Thanks for the lift, Gram!

Grandpa and Noah

Abbie chilled in the shade

"Hangin'" with Daddy

See ya later!

Easter basket time!!! Instead of plastic eggs, I found these cute little frogs and I put little chocolates in them. The chocolates were wrapped like little footballs, basketballs, etc. Noah's favorites things!

Hippity Hoppity!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dude of Easters Past...

Happiest Easter, Everyone! Hope you're all enjoying hard-boiled eggs in all their many forms and recipes (this, of course, excludes you, Dad... Hope you're staying as far away from them as possible!.... Not your favorite treat.) My parents are here visiting us from Oregon and we've enjoyed a very relaxing week of playtime with Noah, lunch at Panera, and fevers and coughs. Noah decided to share his sickness with Daddy and Grandpa. So far Grandma and I are doing just fine! Knock on wood...

I will post pictures and videos of the Easter egg hunt we had yesterday. Noah's friends Cori, Leah and baby Eric joined in the fun! But for today, I just wanted to share a few memories of Easters past.

Noah's first Easter... Two months old! :)

One year old...

Today! Two years old and so hip...

An Easter TACKLE!!! Trust me, she brought it first. Notice her bum in still in the air, ready to pounce!

This is the grin that melts me every time. EVERY time...


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Now that is a pretty picture. For those of you who don't know, Nicole has taken up a bit of a photography hobby over the last few years. I think part of it may come from when we lived in Bloomington, Indiana. It's called BLOOMington for a reason apparently because it would just explode with color and life in the spring. This picture was actually taken outside of my parents' house in Medford last spring. If you ever need a good desktop background, we have tons of them :)

Now to a place where it's definitely not spring yet: Nebraska. It was actually relatively warm the last week or two (we even had our first tornado since we've been in Nebraska last Monday) but then this weekend we had winter storm warnings and even a blizzard warning. It wasn't all that cold, it's just that the wind is constantly blowing. Always. Seriously. Not kidding. Ni un poco.

I know some of you have been asking how Abbie's been doing since our last blog entry. She's on some anti-anxiety meds for now and we actually let her back in our room last night and she did okay. We have really missed having her snuggle with us at night so it was nice.

Other things that have happened this week (some more exciting than others):
  • Noah caught a viral cold thing from one of his friends this week so he's been a bit miserable with a fever and sore throat.
  • Nicole's parents flew in on Saturday afternoon to spend the week with I mean with us ;)
  • We changed it up a bit and did an omelet bar for our Sunday General Conference breakfast. I thought it turned out pretty well. Maybe we'll have to try it again in the future.
Well that's pretty much it, but I hate ending a paragraph with a bulleted list. It looks so unfinished until there's some more stuff after it to bring some symmetry. Yeah I know, I know. OCD.