Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's that time again...

Oh yes.... It's the kick off of sugar cookie frosting, pumpkin carving, present wrapping, carol singing, driveway shoveling, Christmas shopping, and spiced candle burning holiday season!!!!

We started off our holiday season with good ol' cookie decorating with our favorite buttercream and toppings. An EXCELLENT way to begin October!

And of course there's nothing better than finding left over buttercream in your fridge and frosting graham crackers for dessert... Awesome... And good times. :)

I'm off to Christmas shop!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Monster Smell

Enjoy this one...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


NOTE: This post contains material that some may think inappropriate for a family blog. However, for those of you who have also spewed their dinner across the room as their three year old innocently makes an observation that comes out all wrong, I'm sure you'll forgive me...

AND I am NOT making this up. Kevin spewed his dinner, too. Perhaps a little more than me. Must be a guy thing.

A conversation at dinner last night... Just think "snow."

Me: Guess what, Noah? Daddy gets to come with us this year when we go watch Santa light up the Christmas tree at the mall!

Noah: Really???? Yay! Will the Grinch and Rudolph and Frosty be there again?

Me: I'm sure they will. Will you give them hugs this time? You were afraid to last time.

Noah: Oh, yes! But not Frosty. His BALLS are pretty big...

........ I....... um...... Yeah.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Conference tradition...

When Kevin and I lived in Provo, we enjoyed a grand tradition with our brothers and sisters who lived there as well. Every Sunday we would have family dinner, with sometimes 10 to 12 people scrunched into our little apartment with card tables and folding chairs. We packed into my galley kitchen like sardines and produced some pretty awesome meals if I do say so myself! But the REAL delight came every General Conference Sunday when we would feast upon BREAKFAST in between the sessions. Pancakes, hash browns, eggs, bacon, sausage (of both link and patty!), fresh orange juice, and jam and syrup for everyone. :)

Oh... Ma..... Goodness.

Then the sad day came when Kevin and I left Provo for the promise of educational adventure in Bloomington Indiana. Even though it remained just the two of us (well... and Abbie Mae) until we left that beautiful place, we continued on with our conference breakfast tradition. To this day, it is still one of our favorite things and we look forward to it every six months. We've mixed it up over the years and tried new things. One time Kevin made the most outstanding OMELETS ever! We'll have to try that one again. I think my parents were out here for the one... Anywhoo! Today we ventured forward with french toast, freshly-made maple syrup, and sausage links. Very simple but oh so good.

So, I'm just curious... Have you all kept up the tradition? Who had their conference breakfast today? Hope it was "a good time had by all...." to quote President Monson!

The Happy Chefs!

Heather, are you drooling yet?????


Powdered sugar, Baby!!!

Oh, and Noah actually put down his PIRATE garb this weekend... so that he could be a KNIGHT!

AND he's started to pick Abbie up and carry her around. This is new, but he's very careful and consistent. I trust him....

K, be good and have a great week! More posts soon. Sorry.... I've been distracted by a new calling. :)