Sunday, April 21, 2013


After a nice Easter Sunday nap, the Smith kiddos had an Easter egg hunt in the living room.  They laughed as I told them about how there was ALWAYS an egg hidden on Grandpa's coo coo clock when I was a little girl.  Always.  We found some pretty awesome hiding places as well and the kids had a blast together.  It wasn't the most challenging egg hunt that Noah has participated in, but I think he lost himself in the moment with Liam and Xio.

Which is what I hoped for. :)


If you haven't noticed yet from the previous pictures, Liam wouldn't sit still for long... Consequence of a super FUN Easter egg hunt I suppose. :)  We sat together for a few pictures and ended up with some awesome photo bombs!  I love this...

Happy April to you all!!!  I hope you are enjoying rain (not SNOW anymore) and lots of beautiful sunshine.

My flowers are poking their heads out from the earth and I can't wait to see them soon. 


Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter: The past, the present, and the BLOOPERS!

Easter is a wonderful, amazing time of year.  It brings renewal to life through Spring and flowers and grass, and sometimes crawling things.  More importantly, Easter brings renewal of testimony and commitment to the Savior as we reflect upon His love for us.  This Easter was just awesome. :)

It's funny but for the last three years our small family has been assigned to clean our church building the weekend of Easter.  And we showed up again this last Saturday to help beautify the chapel and get everything ready for the next day.  As I was about 45 minutes into vacuuming cheerios and other weeks old tidbits from the very corners under each pew, I smiled to myself.  A lot of times lately I feel like I haven't been able to look after my family and friends, and take care of my neighbors the way I'd hoped.  But there Kevin and I were vacuuming the chapel, and my Noah was hopping around looking for crayons and toys on the floor that he could throw into the lost and found.  And the babes were chilling in the stroller and munching on apple slices.  My heart was happy.  I could do THAT.  This Easter, I did that for my Savior.  It wasn't much, but it was something. :)

I realized that I never posted pictures on the blog of the twins' first Easter.  And we had way too much fun this year.  So here you have it.  Loads of pictures... The good, the not so good, and just plain bloopers!

I'll let you decide which ones are which.  I'm a little biased when I look at these.  My heart loves every single one and all the silliness behind them.

Last year....  Noah just turned 5 and Liam and Xio were 6 months old.

THIS year!!!!

I call this the GQ pose from Liam and Noes...

"I want to yell very loud right now for no apparent reason!!!!"

"K... I feel better."

"I think I might be too sexy for this shirt and bowtie..."

"Mommy?... Are these 'cute butt' khakis?... for real...."

Oh, Xio.... My little red-head. :)

"Hey Aunt Erin!  I'm doing my 'mirror face' just for you..."


"I'm still your favorite first born, right?...."

Of course. :)

This was the VERY first picture that we took.

Funny the things you try just to get them all to LOOK at you and SMILE... LOL.

This girl loves shoes... I think we're in trouble.

".... Huh.... A chair...."

"I am the KING of the chair!"

"She's touching me...."

"Now they're both touching me...."

"K... I'm out."

Shortly after I took this picture, Xio's dress slipped right off the chair and she landed on her cutie booty.

"Why can't I sit in the chair FOREVER?!?  SHE just falls out...."

"C'mere, Liam.... I'll hug you!"

'Nuff said.

We love you all and hope your Easter was wonderful!

I personally am hoping that the crawling things stay away for another month.

Just sayin'....