Sunday, April 21, 2013


After a nice Easter Sunday nap, the Smith kiddos had an Easter egg hunt in the living room.  They laughed as I told them about how there was ALWAYS an egg hidden on Grandpa's coo coo clock when I was a little girl.  Always.  We found some pretty awesome hiding places as well and the kids had a blast together.  It wasn't the most challenging egg hunt that Noah has participated in, but I think he lost himself in the moment with Liam and Xio.

Which is what I hoped for. :)


If you haven't noticed yet from the previous pictures, Liam wouldn't sit still for long... Consequence of a super FUN Easter egg hunt I suppose. :)  We sat together for a few pictures and ended up with some awesome photo bombs!  I love this...

Happy April to you all!!!  I hope you are enjoying rain (not SNOW anymore) and lots of beautiful sunshine.

My flowers are poking their heads out from the earth and I can't wait to see them soon. 


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