Saturday, March 2, 2013

New View

Noah has a great new view on life... As of this last week, he is now the FIRST member of our little family to ever wear GLASSES!!!!

He is so excited, too.  I'm SOOOOOO glad that he thinks glasses are super cool and he feels really handsome when he wears them....
... which he IS.

It turns out that Noah actually has better than 20/20 vision up close, but seeing in the distance gives him a little trouble.  So Dr. Awesome Optometrist wants to give him a little help for now.  Dr. Awesome said that if Noes were to try to pass the eye exam to get a drivers license right now he would fail.  A funny thought since I can't get the fact that he's 6 out of my head!

Here's Dude waiting for the doc.

I LOVE the picture at the top.  I told Noah that he looked like Anakin in the pod race when the doctor checked his eyes with that doohickey.  I was grateful when the doc suggested that I take a picture so that Noah could see. :)

When the time came to choose his glasses, Noah walked up to the kids frames and looked straight up through 3 glass shelves to the very top.  And he spotted these:

And he was in LOVE.  And I have to admit that I was skeptical until he put them on his sweet little face, turned to the mirror and did THIS:

They are perfect for him.  Very edgy, but very classy.  I encouraged him to try on about 4 or 5 other pairs just for comparison.  He even said the he looked like "a professor" in one of them.  But we both knew that he'd found his perfect pair.

So now he's chomping at the bit to pick up his new glasses when they call and say that they are ready.

And I can't wait for his next new adventure. :)

Someone who's truly just happy to be next to this kid and call him mine.

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